An exclusive look at luxury real estate

What is exclusive is often scarce and therefore difficult to find. That certainly applies to luxury real estate. However, in our country you will find pearls of houses that are ready for a new story. If you are looking for such a property online, you will quickly get lost in a labyrinth of real estate, where you often click through from one disappointment to the next. brings together the most exclusive homes from all over Belgium. At one and the same address, with impressions that you won't see anywhere else.

'Properties that you think don't even exist are all on our website.'

When it comes to exclusive properties, we quickly think of exotic places, with houses that you usually only see in the movies. Yet you don't always have to look far to find the house of your dreams. Also in the region there are stately mansions, impressive penthouses and beautiful villas with swimming pool and a sight to say to you three times. Excluding luxury real estate, which you think does not even exist, let alone that it is for sale.


But where do you start that search?

Before we go to a real estate agent, we like to browse the internet. Prospecting from your couch is the first logical step. Making one's way through the dense jungle of information is really not obvious. And pretty frustrating when you do know exactly what you want. It is from this point of view that the company Luxury Leads saw the light of day more than five years ago. Michael Deroose speaks from experience. "I had been working for years as a real estate agent in the luxury segment. Before the people knock on your door, they usually have a real online search on their hands. This takes a lot of time, so they sometimes abandon their route and put their plans away. With our website we make sure that real estate agents and buyers of luxury real estate now find each other faster!"

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'We want real estate agents and buyers of luxury real estate to find each other much more quickly.'