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In the spring of 2018, the old Port House will be demolished. This is where an extraordinary development, AEQUOR, is taking place. The new building, the last major project on this site, is characterized by enormous glass panes and beautiful outdoor spaces. Crepain Binst Architecture drew the design.

In Latin, AEQUOR means 'sea' or 'sea level'. Water plays a prominent role in the immediate vicinity of these new homes. The apartments all overlook the Willemdok, the marina of Antwerp with in the background the MAS and a bit further the Scheldt. The surface area of the flats varies between 70 and 180 square metres, with prices ranging from € 350,000 to over € 1,000,000. The two lofts on the top floor measure more than 300 square metres. The prices will be many times higher. The design includes 64 residential units. Only one unit can be merged in consultation. You're still on time for that!

Why you want to live on the Eilandje
Het Eilandje is the old port area of Antwerp that is still completely surrounded by water. The old unloading quays, the monumental warehouses and hangars, the cobblestones on the ground, ... they create a unique atmosphere that you won't find anywhere else in Antwerp. The neighbourhood has undergone a true metamorphosis in recent years and has been almost completely rebuilt. New buildings with architectural allure dominate the skyline. AEQUOR is located in the middle of this urban hotspot, a stone's throw from the MAS, the Red Star Museum and the monumental Port House. And then we almost forgot to mention the extremely diverse and high-quality range of shops and catering establishments.

Why you want to live in the city
Living in the city is becoming more and more attractive. More traffic is being kept out and controlled, so that noise and pollution nuisance disappear. Public transport and the walking and especially cycling infrastructure were also given a total facelift. Living in the city is living in a luxurious oasis of peace. A vibrating heart full of cultural activities and events. The slightly more distant future is already shining on the horizon. Then perhaps you will be able to call up a self-propelled car for your journeys. The ultimate luxury, right?

Project developers: Vlaamse Poort & Bermaso


Contact: Antwerp Sotheby’s International Realty

  • Antwerp Sotheby’s International Realty
Price € 431.900 € 1.465.000
Number of units64